Not Every Witch


Dear Makers of Magic,

You’ve got a heart of BOLD and gifts to match. You love kicking ass and you love kicking back. You are a strong woman with an impressive REBEL yell and a soft spot for the little devils in your life. You work hard and love to laugh. You enjoy getting your craft on and wish perhaps, you spent more time doing it. NATURE is your church. People SEEK you out for your killer advice.

YOU, my friend, are an Agent of Change. And still…. you remain curious.

You may find yourself WANDering… what’s it all really for?

If there is one thing I have learned after working as a professional psychic and witch for over a decade, it is this – DESIRE doesn’t change. It is inborn, innate, source-material. It WANTS what it wants… and it’s not located in the head. The principle of EROS is the desire to create. It is what keeps us moving, growing, reaching & expanding into our full expression, our full artistry. The longing to know yourself and express yourself is 100% natural. Quite literally, you were BORN THIS WAY.

For me, the principle desire has always been to KNOW & EXPRESS myself fully.

I am a BIG FAN of biting the APPLE of wizdom.

Truth is power. It offers full access to your gifts, talents, passions and ambition. But the scary part is, the truth can only be found when we adventure OUTSIDE our comfort zone.

13016_312103268893012_289023115_nTo truly OWN your power and create those not-yet-imaginable results you seek,

you have to be willing to


to understand what your FULL POTENCY feels like, before it was covered over, in service of the needs of others (in many cases.) But here is the

The GOOD News

I found a fun and easy way, that is super creative and artist-psychic-sensitive-friendly, that is safe, natural and potent. You also come away with new friends and a treasure map outlining your genius, your undeniable magic, that will keep giving to you for the rest of your life.


and, the BAD news?

 it’s OUTside your comFORT zone

I know, not again!!! But you love adventure so


Listen – learn how to MAKE like a witch and you will SEE beyond-imaginable results.


but you have to be willing to wave your wand by taking NEW ACTION.
This is Magic in Action.

And you are here to start a MOVEment, aren’t you?


Maybe it’s time to get a deeper SENSE for the nature of your magic , your 100% SUPER-NATURAL power, increase your potency, see what’s keeping you for being fully VISIBLE.

FALL 2014

Success redefined
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Not every witch rides a broom, wears a pointed hat, and has a long pointy nose. The more interesting question to ask yourself is this….

What KIND of WITCH are you?


tumblr_mqcz8lIQ0r1snbtwho1_500tumblr_mrxoyxfIpB1qbx8ago1_500artwork: most images can be found in, Fish Leaping is Ken Brown, Scorpio Woman is performance artist Marina Abramovic, the comfort zone/magic graphic is well known and I have no idea who originated the image.

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