April 11, 2017

Guides – What are they and How to Connect

April 3, 2017

What We Pay Attention to Matters

February 5, 2017

Spells n sh*t aka the “Binding Ritual” for DJT that is floating around FB. Be aware. There will be a lot of rookies doing this spell… folks inspired to make magic out of FEAR vs love. Very low vibration. Don’t be fooled into thinking there is a “magic” solution to our current MANifestation. Magic is not a solution, it’s a practice, so stay pussie. Doing a binding, binds you. What you put out returns to you…. as everything does, because everything is made of energy and everything is connected. My suggestion – Focus your Pocus on what you DO want to see in your real-life and gather the courage to act it out. Good luck. May the Goddess shine through. This or something better. Enjoy the ride. xx h

February 2, 2017

Don’t Give Up

 Happy Brigid! Holy water & fire. What’s happening…

January 27, 2017

DC Women’s March
The March & Making Art with the Nest Project

Part 2

Part 1

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