The Return of the Queen

August in Elk, California

With our breath & dance, we release and regenerate ourselves! We will stand in no-thing ONCE AGAIN and allow the vibrant pulse of the deeper, wordless realities of this wondrous universe to course through our bodies, our breath, our wombs and remember the truth – we are not alone.

Defying logic and reason and shoulds, we heed the call! We return to forest, to ferns, to creeks & big trees, to meadow & pond and the wild blue sea.

We set the altar together
We light the fires together
We dream the big dream together
We see what we need to see together
We complete what needs to be completed together.
We let go of what we have been taught together.
We release what is already done together.

We open to the spaciousness that is always available in silence, in nature, in like-minded sisterhood, in art and play, in dance and dreaming and deep honest ritual together.

We will find peace together
We will FILL THE FUCK UP and be glad together.

No one person holds all the pieces to the puzzle.
We must learn how to gather ourselves together.

To raise the QUEEN is to let go of everything we know about HER and become the dance – to GO THERE TOGETHER.

I am not saying that my co-creator Sarah Entrup or I know what exactly is going to happen or how – that’s up to the Goddess – but what we do know is how to create the conditions for magic through ritual, through seership, through art making and by “stacking the deck” in inviting talented muses, artists, teachers, makers, and healers… just like you.

Please join us in this dance of completion and re-creation the goddess revealed to us as The Return of the Queen.

When the hero returns, she becomes queen.
Time to Believe Impossible Things.

DETAILS here- The Return of the Queen

This private property is quite unique and offers us magic-makers everything we might need to make real-life magic.

Your journey has been a long one sister.
Let us welcome you home. Again. JOIN US.

No need to plant seeds. All seeds are already planted within you.
No need to push or hold back. Getting out of the way is the way.

This or something better.
Witch OUT xx Heather

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