Summer Magic

Summer Magic for me, is about tending and realigning to my personal flow.


I focus on passion, pleasure, ease, softening my mind and strengthening my body. Summer is an active time of connecting with my non-working self, my body and the people outside my immediate location.

Summer “Break” rules & habits

Summer is a great time to break from habits, spells, trance and the like. A witch’s job is to read the flow and make choices aligned with spirit and nature – do what you will, as long as you harm none.

Every season I ask: What is true for me now? Where is the energy flowing for me now?

If I can’t find the thread or feel too inundated by other’s needs and desires (both inside and out) I sacred-stop myself. Group Mind is a powerful tool, but not if I forget myself and my motivation in the process. Feeling “pulled” by cultural trends and trending emotions, can leave one feeling disconnected from authentic energy, so take a break to reset.

I am taking a break from online teaching this summer but will be offering an in-person transformational retreat along the wild California coastline in Elk.

Check Out The Return of the Queen

Summer Energy


Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Heather’s favorite trail run!

In summer, we welcome the south, element of fire, and the power of creativity and passion. We welcome the creatures of the south, the dessert, dragons and serpents, fire and the art of sun worshipping. The four astrological flavors we pass through this summer are:

Gemini – Communication, being social, air, new beginnings
Cancer – Tending home, emotion, nurturing, water play, room for feelings
Leo – Self-expression, play, creativity, ritual, fire, passion
Virgo – bringing it together, the work, details, earth, healing

Seasonal Mismatch

“When you’re not feeling big enough, just be the size that you are — with no judgement and all truth.” – Danielle LaPorte

Please note, you may not be “feeling” summer. In fact, the external season you are experiencing may not match up with your internal season at all. It might be summer outside, but for whatever reason, you feel like winter inside (internal, composting, re-dreaming). This is all really ok and I recommend making space for the internal season at hand, rather than pushing it away. This also goes for friends and family experiencing seasons other than yours. Let them be where they are. Things will change, the wheel will turn. Leave room for truth and the Mystery.

Magic Practice in the Summer


I advocate McGyvr-style magic so use what you’ve got and who you are with to make magic this summer. I suggest keeping all magical practice simple (the simpler, the deeper.)

Keep the home altar clean and simple. If you are on the road, create a travel altar of a few crystals and a central small figure.

I practice un-meditation (non-mediation, just sitting and observing), smile meditation (yes, it’s really that simple), and hugging meditation. Summer is also good for practicing these techniques as you walk, run, fly, float or swim through nature.


Ritual with Friends
Pick a theme, gather with friends, make an altar, lay it down, dance around, release wild prayers, celebrate with friends. I like to gather before or on the full & new moon. Summer ritual dates:

  • Tues Jun 20 – Summer Solstice
  • Fri. Jun 23 – New Moon Cancer
  • Sat. July 18 – Full Moon Capricorn
  • Sun. July 23 – New Moon Leo
  • Mon. Aug 7 – Full Moon Aquarius
  • Mon Aug 21 – New Moon Virgo
  • Wed Sept 6 – Full Moon Pisces
  • Tues Sept 19 – New Moon Virgo #2
  • Fri Sept 22 – Fall Equinox

Astro recommendations for the energy: Cathy Pagano’s Cosmic Story is published about a week in advance of the moon.

Take an Adventure


Ireland 2016 – HymensTown Tea Hut

With kind weather and out-of-school energy, summer brings the opportunity to travel, be new again, talk to strangers, explore new worlds, expand perception, face fears, enliven senses, and take a “summer break” from patterns and habits. Whether it’s a short or long trip, does not matter. Adventures are good for filling your story-box and cultivating courage.

Read for Fun

magic book open

Explore New/Old Worlds

I read a lot for work, so in the summer I read pleasure. Below are some fun summer reads, that include a lot of magical education.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness ( This is the first book in the All Souls Trilogy. All 3 books in series are awesome.)

Moon Under Her Feet by Clysta Kinstler

Mist of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

For the full summer reading list, go here.


I love documentaries.

Refuse to Take Things too Seriously


I do everything in my power to loosen up and allow my cup to fill up. It doesn’t mean shit does not come up – it does. We are all full of shit. But when it does, I take a breath and remind myself… I’m only human and this is the Kindness Game. I lean into my tools, I share with a friend (who is not into fixing me), I ask for help from someone who can make a difference, I go outside and move my body. Most all, I do my best to hold myself within my 3 foot radius.

  1. No Super Mom – Send your kids to CAMP! Let yourself off the hook, don’t just survive summer (read  Momastery Magic).
  2. See #1.

Check Yourself

Listen to a Mid Summer Checkin – (recorded July 2016 for students & clients) The theme tended to be – how to relax when it doesn’t look like what you want aka what is important to remember when in transition.

Recording (Dropbox Link, 90 Minutes)
30 Minutes – Guided Meditation
60 Minutes – Q & A with Heather

  • Megan – What do you (Heather) do when you are in your shit
  • Maria – Making time for practice (altar, meditate etc) with a New Baby
  • Katie – New Relationship and pulling a Challenge Card in the Tarot (Fear of Ruin)
  • Tauni – Boring Yourself and finding work you are more passionate about
  • Sidrah – Transitions and Being a ROOKIE again

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.56.24 AM

artwork: Photos by heather, magic book unknown, Chewbaca unknown, Video by Beck, Wonder Woman, Debbie Baxter.

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