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From Return of the Queen Retreat in Elk, Summer 2017

From the Baptism Ritual
Sweigh Spilkin, Sarah Entrup & Heather Bleasdell
Photo Credit: Debbie Baxter

What did you appreciate most about your experience of Heather? What surprised you? What do you want to learn more about?

She was amazing to watch. Her focus to provide a container and structure for the magic to happen was so inspiring to experience. She was also willing to have her own exercise of entropy while holding space for everyone else……Bananas

Heather, I appreciate your ability to connect people and your relational aptitude. Also your creativity and pioneering spirit. Thank you for your vision.

Heather’s range is off the charts. Her humor, sensitivity, honesty and leadership is downright amazing.

You were amazing at holding and directing the space for us Heather – I felt like you had an incredible overview of everything that was happening during the whole retreat. You strike such an incredible balance between extreme vulnerability and extreme powerfulness that inspires me immensely. And oh, your words, both in writing and when speaking: you should be a writer. So rich and striking and fun and beautiful. And also: all your focus on the pussy: I love it! Such a new and wild and perfect new focus for me. Yes! LOVE YOU!

I appreciated Heather’s tenacity to the ritual, her gorgeous devotion to it, her wisdom around it.

I appreciated that Heather brought the group back to divine guidance of what wanted to come through any moment our minds started to come back, and how she brought constant softening.

Her goofy, wild, hilarious, spunky, energetic nature. Her deep sensitive soul

oh. Goodness. just thank you for being you, for welcoming and celebrating me (and lots of others too, i saw!), for your totally heather laughter. i’m so grateful to have had a bit more time in person in space with you as most of our prior interactions have been through the ‘net or audio files.

I love weird. I’ve always been weird and made fun of because of it. So I learned to make small my weird. Im finally allowing it to fully bloom its petals and Heather encourages that part of me to sparkle. She creates an environment that welcomes the weirder the better and that makes me feel safe and loved for all of me. I felt honored to be part of a new ritual experience for her as it was a first for me. Her bravery to follow what she knew was her path even though it caused loss of close friendships really spoke to my heart.

I loved how Heather is so unapologetically her! I was surprised by her femininity at times, she seems to have a very strong, almost masculine presence. It was refreshing, a perfect balance of masculine and feminine badass witchery!

I love Heather’s willingness to be in and experience her emotions. I appreciate the honesty and all she shared. I have witchy roots…strong ones. I am just exploring my magic side, so I definitely want to play more with ritual and learn more about all things witchy!!!

Heather brings play, wonder, and permission to be yourself.

Post Baptism Ritual – At the exact moment we finish the last person, a whale rises to great us!
Photo credit: Debbie Baxter

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