Practice 2018

Nothing outside of yourself can bring you lasting happiness.

The truth is, you are already happy, healthy, joyful & wise within.

So what is obscuring this truth?

In short, other people’s pictures. The ego. The story. Everything in our culture is set up to put us to sleep, to keep us in the mainstream, to keep us looking outside ourselves for what can only be found within.

If you are committed to awaking up, to becoming conscious of who you really are beyond your ideas, beyond your story of the body and this lifetime, then you must makes space to go within. And to go there, to change habitual thinking & behaviors…. you will need support and community.

The Inner Teacher, the wise one, the souls voice is clear, persistent, simple and quiet.

Developing a personal practice is about making space for grace in your real life to listen to dreams and silence, to make unusual connections & embody insights in order to have a direct experience of one’s original intent.

The practice below is based off of what I have learned throughout my art & psychic practice, along with my teaching explorations.

all of life originates from the tip of Intention

Intention: Soft & strong

  • No Enemy
  • No Finish line
  • Honor Limits, don’t argue them.
  • What is, as is, and so it is

My 2018 Practice
Solar Intention: Surrender
Lunar Intention: Feel happy, content, satisfied, alive regularly, as is.

  • A Day of Silence each week – I wear a tag “Today, I’m practicing silence.” This has been one of the most revealing practices of my life.
  • Yoga 4-5 week – Instrumental in stabilizing my overall wellness
  • No Social Media – Leaving the algorithm (spell) has increased my wellness
  • Movement Practice – once a week (Authentic Movement, Action Theater, kitchen dancing, dancing with women friends as well as voicing and singing)
  • Making in-person dates with friends & reaching out to new people

Ongoing Practice
I am a long-time artist and have a strong, regular, process-based practice in painting, writing and creating called FearLess Journal, as well as altar making. With the exception of “date night” which began in 2016, I have also been doing these things for a long time:

  • Breathing regularly
  • Meditation – I practice UNmeditation & do psychic reading and energy work
  • Dream Work – writing down and following dream insights
  • Date Night – once a week

This has been a MUCH longer time-in-coming. My children are now 6 & 10 and I am experiencing more space for myself in the area of self-care.

  • Body work – once a month
  • Regular Retreats & Workshops – this year, focusing on awakening and movement
  • Mentoring & Wellness, as needed,  in writing, psychic work and maintaining wellness.

A word about Yoga
or any practice you resist like the plague

Besides the FearLess Journal technique I developed, nothing has helped me feel more “at peace” energy than adding yoga to my practice.

My guides had been telling me to do yoga for years but I resisted because I hated “yoga culture” – the flow-ie outfits, the pretension, the commercialism as well as the appropriation by brands that have nothing to do with inner awareness… like the Coors Light ad I saw in a home improvement magazine… “Choose the Path of Most Resistance”… WTF does the Silver Bullet have to do with mindful awareness?

Enough said. So, when I taught Feather (how to hook up with your guides) I was channeling so much source energy that I had to surrender my ideas about yoga and WENT to yoga. I was surprised by the effects and honestly, it saved my sanity. It was a real life practice that incorporated the “soft & strong” approach I had been developing through the direct experience of embodied awareness.

I now practice 4-5 week (since May 2017) and highly recommend it as a compliment to any meditation, art practice, or movement study.

I enjoyed the documentary On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace about Michael O’Neill’s photography book on Yoga – available on Netflix, iTunes, etc. Here, he talks about the project.

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