Sacred Vision 2018 / Retreat

Dive into the deepest part of your being and give birth to sacred vision.

artwork above: Brook Shaden

Virtual Ritual Retreat with Heather Bleasdell & Friends
February 9 – 13, 2018

Ignite your Lunar New Year Sacred Vision

We begin our ritual on Friday morning 2/9 and complete Tuesday morning 2/13 in preparation for the New Moon in Aquarius, February 15th.

The Buddhists say, our entire life rises from the tip of intention. In magic, I have also found this to be true.

Understanding how setting an intention works, is equally important to understanding what to expect. As astrologer Carolyn Casey so deftly explains, “Signing up for any path means one will also experience it’s opposite.”

This is a unique opportunity to go beyond the same-old-same-old of the ego’s creation and birth your Soul’s light into form with clarity, passion and ease.

But first, we must get a clear understanding of where we actually are AND what we are truly ready to receive.

“Where you stand, obviously effects what you see.”
– Merlin Stone

There are many ways to approach the Mystery. In this ritual retreat, we will be exploring what the Soul has to say through meditation, psychic adventure, divination,  art & movement as we begin to feel our way home, becoming more present and alive in our body. We will use our art to Divine the Journey.

This transformational ritual includes live psychic adventure meditations and process-based art & Authentic Movement to unfold Sacred Vision.

Manifesting is not a worthiness issue, but an alignment issue.

Getting body & soul aligned in real-time with “the mind/self/identity” fuels the fire, the flow, the magic, the connection.

“Our intuition propels the arrow; our intention sets the direction.” – Angeles Arrien

Send the arrow of your soul-based INtention in the direction of your highest good… towards wholeness and fulfillment.

Sacred Vision Schedule

Friday / Consider Options – The True Nature of Intention

Psychic Adventure Meditation via phone, attend live 6:00 – 7:30 AM (PT) or by recording

Saturday / Quiet the Voices – Break Patterns of creating from the Wound

Mediation, Energy Work & Art Assignment via phone, attend live 6:00 – 7:30 AM (PT) or by recording

Sunday / Tune into the Yes – Open the Magic Channel

  • Sacred Vision using FearLess CORE Collage™ process – get out of the way
  • Authentic Movement –  soul + body play

Instructional Video (10 minutes) via email

Tuesday /Amplify your Magic – Turn Sacred Vision into Action

Live video TUESDAY (not Monday) 9:00 – 10:30 AM (PT)


Our Focus

  • Location ID – know where you really are and what energies are available to you
  • INtention – create a powerful intention you (+ soul) are ready to experience
  • FearLess CORE Collage process – a deep visual map of the year to come
  • Authentic Movement practice – embodying soul, practicing fair witness


The ritual will focus on knowing where you stand at this time and opening the portal for your deepest vision to emerge.

  1. Clarify Sacred Vision for the new lunar year
  2. Define what Sacred Ground looks like for “you” right now

Who this is for

Soul-led sisters and brothers, on a weird, unmarked path. Artists, movers, teachers, travelers, leaders & guides, wellness professionals, weirdos and magic nerds. Also, the very curious.

  • You carry big prayers, hold big dreams and are here to bring a message forward.
  • You want to know more about who you really are and align with it.
  • You care deeply about life, and making a difference.
  • You are committed to awakening – to feeling alive, authentic, expressed & present in your every day life.


Psychic Adventure Meditation, Process-based Art, Writing, Silence, Voicing and Authentic Movement practice.

Other rituals and practices may be suggested depending on what arises in the space. You can do these practices on your own or with a friend throughout the 4 days.

Basic Requirements

You will need internet, smart phone/computer, email address, printer or way to download workbook, journal/paper and pen.

Core Collage Supplies:  list will be on class website ($10 – $20).

Magical Supplies: divination (cards, stones, runes), candle, space for an altar.

Note on Divination: If you don’t have divination, you can use a favorite book, a bowl of crystals or hot wheels, use what you’ve got. At the in-person, there will be a large assortment to play with.


All calls and videos will be recorded and sent to you via email after the session.

In-Person Muse

Divine Eye, Antonia Kao, will be musing our Authentic Movement practice for those gathering in-person. Antonia is an artist who follows impulse with time, energy, people, space, and materials to create. She has worked as a documentary filmmaker, photographer, art model, improvisational dancer interacting with projected images, and facilitator of movement ritual. Recent Work

Antonia resides in Petaluma with her life partner and their 9 year old daughter, who they homeschool. When not parenting, you can often find her playing with other artists and practicing yoga, Authentic Movement & Action Theater.

Let go of your story so the universe can write a new one for you. – Marianne Williamson



Online Participation Only

Sacred Vision Retreat (Online Only)

Do this! Get a friend to participate, then make magic together on Sunday…. while we make magic together in Petaluma. Coordinating ourselves in Space + Time amplifies our work even more.

$127 Online Participation Only + Bring a Friend!

Sacred Vision Retreat + Bring a Friend (Online Only)

Don’t let this happen to you! Create your INtention with Body & Soul!

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