InSight Collage

InSight Collage

Level 1 Instructions
Art speaks to the deepest parts of ourselves. When we choose to channel creative energy into making art, we are communicating with the Mystery and we are opening ourselves up to a deep awareness of what is truly important and begin to understand where our next step lie.


  • journal, magazines, glue stick and whatever other art supplies you enjoy


  • Be curious and have fun


This is a very simple exercise, but simple is often the best. Have fun with it, keep an open mind. You can’t do it wrong. Let yourself be surprised by what shows up. Getting out of the way, is the way.

  1. Ground yourself. Say your full name out loud, 3 times.  Breathe.
  2. Identify the area where you would like new insight & set an intention. You could also say – What do I need to remember?
  3. Begin to pour through the magazines and images. Resist the temptation to cut out or use magazine words. Don’t think too much, just move fast and tear the images out. Let the mystery guide your hands and try not to judge the images you feel attracted to pulling, just because they feel frightening or ugly. Trust the process, stay curious. Spend 5-10 minutes on this.
  4. When you are ready, start to sort through your images and glue them down. DON’T PLAN. Glue and move. Let your intuition guide you. What wants to go where? Glue them down. While you are doing this, notice your thoughts, your body, your energy. You will know when you are done. If you have doubts, ask yourself, am I done? and you will most likely know the answer. Trust the process all the way through to the end. You don’t need to fill up the entire page.
  5. Dialogue with your collage piece through writing. You can even imagine that you are looking at someone else’s collage. Start each sentence with “It seems like…” and let yourself notice things about your collage. Try not to make judgments, just be curious and notice. If there is a specific element that attracts your attention, you can dialogue with that image by asking/answering questions. KEEP YOUR PEN MOVING.
  6. Finishing up – Identify any NEXT STEPS that came forward from your collage and write them down. You can continue to dialogue with your collage over the next month. New information will continue to arise.

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