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About Heather

I found this poem in an old journal recently. It’s part of a poem that a dear friend wrote to my for my birthday 10 years ago.


When I experienced my first ritual I thought – Holy Shit. This is it. This is what I was made for.

I became obsessed with figuring out how magic worked. It took me 3 months to figure how the creative process worked but it took 13 years to crack the code of magic.


Over 15 years, I developed a process called FearLess Journal™ that combines process-based art, magic and seership with surprising results.

The process not only helped me figure out who, what & where I actually was/am, but acted as a catalyst for expanding my perception, deep healing and real-life future seeing. It was weird but it worked! And best of all, it’s a process that is built to last.

There is crazy potent treasure between the veils…. but if we never dare to “go there”… we never know the truth – it’s better than we think.

I am someone who has always dug for the truth in everything. It’s been a great gift and obvious weakness. During my time in the Sacred Tornado of my Uranus Opposition (aka Mid-life Awakening), I  came to understand these truths:

  • The Answer is always Both.
  • Women’s Power is in Her Pussy
  • There is no finish line.
  • Only Love is Real.

That being said, my advice is this:

  • Live the Questions
  • Start with Monsters
  • Honor Limits.
  • Practice Love. Love is as love does.

Magic is not a solution, it’s a practice. A witch isn’t a fantasy creature, she is woman who owns her influence. Nothing is sacred but the truth. We are all in this together.

May the Divine Mother smile upon us. Never Give Up. Always Surrender. 

This or something better. And so it is. 

Witch OUT xx heather


Heather Bleasdell, MA, is an interdisciplinary artist, professional psychic, magic teacher and mother. She writes, paints, plays ukulele, coaches girls basketball and makes frequent trips to mountains. She loves building altars, running trails, flowers, handmade cards and Bernie Sanders. Heather lives in Petaluma, California with her family of wild bananas.

Celebrity Witch
Heather called herself “Celebrity Witch” from 2014 – 2016 inspired by a positive vision that also made her want to vomit. The intention was to face her fears of being seen. Listen to an Interview of Heather by Denise Dee (2014) about how she became Celebrity Witch.

Citizen Witch
Heather changed the name of her work to “Citizen Witch” in 2017 inspired by the election of the 45th President. Again, she had a vision and knew the truth. The time of celebrity – the will to be seen and stand out – is over and the time of the citizen – the will to be stand up and counted – is now. Read about the awakening.

Citizen Witch

Client Work

Heather has been working as a professional psychic since 2003 and has helped 100s of clients & students get clear on the big picture, grounded in their gifts and talents, and focused on what the next practical step really is.

Her skill set is especially good for assisting clients in navigating the energetics of:

  • Return of Flow
  • Endings & Beginnings
  • Holy Sh*t

Before and during her work as an pro psychic, Heather ran her own intuitive graphic and web design business, HebbeArt & Design, as well as taught process-based creativity & transformational magic retreats and workshops through her Build Altars project.

Read Client Comments

Thank you for being you, for being awesome, for being fiery, real, vulnerable, ass-kicking, compassionate. – FP, artist & writer


FearLess Journal™

Viewing fear as a signpost rather than an obstacle, the FearLess Journal process is designed to assist truth-seekers in knowing self through developing a direct & grounded relationship with spirit & body through process-based art making, real-life magic and basic psychic development.

Begin in 2001, the Fearless Journal™ process is based on timeless earth-based principles, the truth of how energy works and the premise that life is symbolic.

The truth is, the future enters us through images. When we develop our capacity to tap our imagination & learn to get out of the way… we gain access to our greatest personal re-source for peace and transformation.

FearLess Journal participants train to free up creative energy and enhance flow by facing fears & feelings, connecting & tracking personal symbols while also developing under-leveraged psychic senses.

FearLess Journaling is naturally energizing while also being a safe, fun and productive way to create positive motion and experience magic in your real life by turning art into awareness & magic into action.

And the best part is? Your shit is your shit for life, so you will have a personal map that will be forever relevant and revealing.

Are you ready to know your magic and have a creative map for moving forward?

FearLess Journal 12 Week Experience

What FearLess Students Say

The History of FearLess Journal

Explore one of Heather’s personal FearLess Journals – Friendship with Self  (2012)

3 Years of FearLess JournalsIMG_9070


San Francisco State University – MA Interdisciplinary Art
Focus: video, performance art, installation & inter-media literacy

University of California Santa Barbara – BA English Literature
Focus: film & women studies

General Study
Deep exploration of the imagination through art, earth-based magic, female body, energy work, process-painting, movie making, shamanic journey, meditation, intuitive development, dream work, tarot, astrology, divination, design and business.

I am so grateful to these women: Lise Swensen, Michele Cassou, Angeles Arrien, Mary Swanson and Denise Dee. I have gained huge inspired from the work of Marci Ellison, Jody England, Emily Trinkaus and so many crazy talented friends.

Heather Pictures

My dad always said I was different.

Heather Halloween (Age 8)


Camping in a VW van for the summer in Vail Colorado (Age 29)


Trail Running in Yosemite – yellow headband (Age 42)


I love Bernie Sanders (2016)
This painting was hung from my house during the California primaries.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 6.31.00 PM

Family Pictures

I am the mother of two wild females – Addie Rose is 9 and Ida Kiki is 5 – and married to  artist Steve Bleasdell – an avid fly-fisherman, gardener, law dog and hero. We feel very lucky to live in the magical community of Petaluma in Northern California.

From our family dream trip to Alaska this summer (2015)



Eating Dinner in Tahoe 2017


Artwork & Website Design

Art and Web Design is a passion of mine and I used to run my own intuitive design business. Now, I work for myself and love it.

Images sourced by other artists can be found on my inspiration website If they are not there, then they were most likely gathered from Facebook and don’t have original sources. There are a few images sourced by students, and in that case, I got their permission. Many of the photographs and graphics are mine.

If you have any questions, concerns or know the source of an image, please let us know.


“Happy Birthday Hebbuelita” by Francesca Preston 2007

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