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Interdisciplinary Artist ♥ Professional Psychic  ♥ Magic Lover

Celebrity Witch Heather Bleasdell, MA, has been officially making magic since 2002. A lifelong passionate artist, truthful mother and pro psychic, Heather creates work that is designed to blow minds naturally while motivating clients & students to take new action.

Heather created the FearLess Journal™ process to help other magic-minded, success-oriented creatives tap their full potency & gather power through facing fears, owning weird gifts and pumping up their psychic and creative fitness. She says – OWN YOUR HEAT

BIG GOAL – world peace. If you want world peace, you must be willing to embrace yourself. What if we turned up our creative juices and started working for ourselves. Making a difference. Using our most radical and profound gifts. Let’s put our vision to work & create new world vision.

Personal Mission – create experiences that teach real-life magic and expand vision, trust, and creative power for artists, teachers, leaders and witches. I help people move their art into the world and value themselves. See & Be Seen. It’s time to live free.

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I have always been an entrepreneur. I have a vision and I go for it. I have always been an artist, I just didn’t know it. First, I wanted to be an opera singer when I grew up – mostly because I though it was weird. Then, I wanted to be a gold fish doctor. I wrote an 8 page report on my goldfish Herman in fourth grade. Finally, I wanted to wanted to be a filmmaker. I loved creating stories, propaganda. My parents sat me done and suggested advertising. They were worried about me making money – being a “creative type”. That was a no.

So after tons of fun and weird jobs, as well as traveling, I focused my attention on being a designer, web developer, taught process-based painting, movie-making and creativity classes. I also began organizing groups and leading transformational experiences in my mid-twenties, after discovering “the power of transformation” and “alternative” spiritual practices. In 2004, I began working part-time as an intuitive consultant. In 2006, after the death of my father, I left my design company completely, to be a professional psychic and teacher full-time. In 2012, I had a massive awakening and began to radically experiment with my business to integrate the full range of my passions (art, magic and psychic power)… giving you what you see today.

I’m a go-getter by nature and design, but let’s be honest – no one ever says, “HEY! I want to pursue a super taboo profession when I grow up!” At least I didn’t. I enjoyed praise, accomplishment, and winning. I wanted recognition and love, just like you.  And yet, here I stand with the perfect skill set for being a….. psychic and witch!

Holiest of sh*ts!

So, what is an ambitious girl to do?



I connect dots & open doors.

I help PEOPLE on a Mission to expand the image of who they are and what they made for, bring their full range of gifts, so that they BEST RADIATE their genius in serve their mission.

“We are the words with which the Universe talks to itself.”
– Caroline W. Casey

 the Art of a Curious Conversation 

I can speak magic, witch, mediation, ritual, shamanism, astrology, fairy-tale, tarot, archetypes, business, athletics and process-based art-making up the whazoo. Being raised by smart-asses, makes me fluent in BS as well. It’s hard to pull one over on me.

However, for my work with students and clients, I speak Animal Mother. I can’t tell you what to do, but I point out what to pay attention to and what to look out for based on your innate gifts. If I wasn’t a psychic & teacher, I’d be a talent scout for sure. I can see some’s genius (strength/weakness) within seconds of meeting someone. I also know what gifts are billable and why.

The truth is, most of us were un or under-mothered. Without faulting anyone, I think it is safe to say our parents had no idea who THEY were as individuals, and so could offer little resource in helping their children understand who they were as unique beings – ie shaming kids into becoming a “mini-me” or better version (un-lived selves) or worse, modeling “do as I say, not as I do”.

My areas of GENIUS include, but are not limited to:

  • crazy talk – ability to “open doors” through conversation, outside thinking
  • relationships – how thing/people connect, alignment levels, jive, group  magic
  • creativity – harness imagination freely, jamming with the unknown, movement, next-level seeing
  • laughing – loosening, fresh eyes, unhooked (humor returns), relate-able
  • cheerleading – affirming talents, voicing clear achievable goals
  • BIG Forward Vision – vast-forward, wide, over-arching themes/patterns



Thank you for being you, for being awesome, for being fiery, real, vulnerable, ass-kicking, compassionate. – FP (client/student)



University of California Santa Barbara – BA English Literature (1993), focusing on film & women studies

San Francisco State University – MA Interdisciplinary Art (1998), focusing on video, performance art, installation & inter-media literacy.

Beyond the 100s of authors, artists, filmmakers that have been a part of my self-education, I have also worked with:

Soulful Money Medicine with Jody England (2015)
Venus Revolution with Emily Trinkaus (2015)
Coaching with Denise Dee (2012-14)
Monetize Your Magic (Online Business Course) with Andrrea Hess
DreamWalking with Toko-pa Turner
Intermediate & Advanced Tarot Studies with Angeles Arrien
Investigations (Photography) with Debbie Baxter
Triumph of the Imagination with Angeles Arrien & Patrick O’Neal
Intuitive Development with Mary Swanson
Process Painting with Michele Cassou and at The Painting Place
Shamanic Journey, Soul Retrieval, Birth Gateway Studies with Anne Fuller
Landmark Education – Curriculum for Living and seminars

Professional Influences

I am an intensely curious, self-trained and a psychic nerd researcher. I love historical fictions and documentaries. Beyond the folks mentioned above, I have been captured many times by the work of Will Ferrell, Pema Chodran, Starhawk, Lisa Congdon, Tavi Gevinson, Caroline W. Casey, Maira Kalman, Marina Abramović, Joan Brown, Gary Larson, Joesph Campbell, Jim Hensen, Charles Bukowski, Frida Khalo, Keri Smith, Lynda Barry, Gloria Steinem, Kathleen Hanna, Gertrude Stein, Brené Brown, Miranda July, Quentin Tarantino, Steve Jobs, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Hole.

With Pleasure

I love making books and movies. I am a passionate trail runner, painter, singer, and honestly… I make something every day or I go crazy. I bought my first tarot deck at 22. I am obsessive about my FearLess Journal™, rock the altars, burn at bonfires & bullsh*t whenever I can. I love riding my bike/broom around town. I take loads of photos, research my upcoming projects, play music, adventure outdoors and goof off with my family and friends.

My Family

I am the mother of two miracles – Addie Rose is 6.5 and Ida Kiki is 3. I am also married to a magical man, artist Steve Bleasdell. He is an avid fly-fisherman, gardener, collector of wood & rust, painter, sculptor, Bourne Fan and lawdog. We feel so lucky and blessed to live in a dream house, in the amazing town of Petaluma, Northern California.

The women artists I see profiled are often childless/free, and the ones who have children are often portrayed as lack-luster or absent parents. That image sucks. It has not been easy for me creating a family, alongside my art. The truth is, I am incredibly driven, and here to create. I seem to have little choice in this… since I literally explode if I don’t attend to my art every day. I have been shamed for the tendency by family, roommates, friends and even my self. But when I read or see documentaries of other artists, I feel relieved. I see myself. So, it has been an intense practice for me, to stand in BOTH. In magic, I preach/teach/model to use what they got and who they are with. I find our world laboring under limited images of what an “artist” is, a “woman” is, a “mother” is, what a “family” is, what most importantly, what “PEACE” is… and for me, peace is the ability to embrace yourself – to love a NUT! So, I will keep creating because that is breathing for me. AND, I will continue to explore new ways to be all of who I am, rather than cut myself off from my most potent, consistently inconsistent parts in order to fit it. Shame is out, Magic is in!

Below, Addie is demonstrating her meditation technique (I do not look like this when I meditate!)


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