Free Magic

“Enlightenment isn’t a learning, but an unlearning.”- Marianne Williamson

According to the national news, “We the People” are f*cked. The billionaire business class has taken over the government and threaten our security on many levels from stripping funding for programs that serve our most vulnerable citizens to trashing laws that protect women’s rights, minorities and the environment. It’s bananas.

AND there is something else happening, below the surface…that no one in the mainstream media seems to be talking about.


This is the truth – endings and beginnings roll together and look remarkable similar. So much so, that it’s difficult to SEE the difference if you haven’t been trained to see… below the surface… to the spirit of things.

The Awakening of the Divine Feminine is happening now.
and what that looks like
in the real world
in real time
is anything but elegant.

It’s MESSY like all beginnings and endings.

If you are brave enough to look through the images,
the talking heads and fear-mongering you will see….

The New World is here NOW


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