FearLess Journal Book One


Keep Doing the Book

On the Lunar New Year, February 2012, I began a project that would quickly change my life. I started following a dream – write a book – by starting a FearLess Journal – what is this book about?

On the Spring Equinox, March 2015, I began publishing this first book online. I decided to publish it page by page, on the blog, as is, so you could really see how beginnings look like.

When I first started publishing this, I thought I would publish the entire Book One. But as a moved through, trusting + feeling, there seemed to be a natural pause point. The last block before the plunge.

So what you see below is what it looked like, right before the leap.

Beginnings are often longer than we think.

The intention: to share by SHOWing. Showing what it looks like to start something without knowing HOW; to face something, without knowing WHY; and to find the source of your power along the way.

Good Magic is all about beginnings. You must GATHER POWER. It takes strength and courage to leave home. This is one woman’s journey.

8 months into Book One, I did a offering “Decide & Take Action” from a woman I followed on FB, Denise Dee. Many incredible things expanded from that experience, but one thing specific caught my imagination. The only thing the guides said about my book, the project that lead me to her, was…. keep doing the book. That’s it.

Though thick and thin, keep doing the book.

I will be creating a new email series to share with you in 2018.

Witch OUT
xx heather


Wands Up ⇒ Where do you KNOW you need to GO? What dream has been knocking at your door? What qualities are you longing for? What areas feel out-of-bounds?

Magic begins with desire. Desire energy originates below the belt. If you have trouble answering the questions above or want deeper answers, ask your yoni/groin – and listen.

If there is still interference, such as concerns for other people, ask yourself: If I wasn’t worried about ______ (if this were no longer important to me) what would I allow myself to do/be/have/experience…. at this moment in time?


Think about GOING for SOMETHING on your list, as you explore the beginning-process of me going for mine.

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