The Magic of Bull Sh*t

Psychic Weeding with Heather Bleasdell


* Recorded within the energies of the New Moon in Taurus *

Before we create, we must destroy old ideas, constructs, fictions, illusions and habits of mind that separate us from the truth – only love is real and love is endless.

The new moon in TAURUS reveals/appeals/conceals our relationship with money, sensual pleasure, contentment, perseverance, patience, self-worth and releasing stubbornness*

  • Clear energy from your field that is not yours or that is no longer aligned
  • Stand more fully in the present and your power
  • Know the next step

Please Enjoy this…


(download – 53 min 31 MB)

BullSh*t is an invitation to Come Back into the Truth.


  1. Have a glass of water or tea handy.
  2. Something to draw with/on. I recommend a plain journal or computer paper. Find some basic art supplies (kid stuff.) If you are in an office, use office supplies

Pre – Meditation Instructions
We want you to go into trance – to soften – in order to play with the deeper layers. We want you to know what is worth protecting. Please call from a place with limited distractions. If not…. f*ck it. Just no driving.

Whatever shows up in meditation – welcome it. Refrain from judging… yourself, me, your guides, the meditation, etc. Stay curious. If it’s a critical voice, ask yourself – who is talking? Ask yourself – who else talks like that? Than release the magic word – BUUUULLLLL SHHHHIIIIITTTTTT.


Post-Meditation BullShit Ritual
Go into nature and release the Bullsh*t as you learned in the session. Call in Venus as your Guide. Goddess of love, pleasure and pussy. Start slow. Rocking your hips. Say the magic word “BullSh*t” …. deep, low and loud. Be dramatic. Use your BODY to begin barfing it out. As we say in magic, if you got a problem, make it bigger. Get ARCHETYPAL and blow that bullsh*t out. Let the ritual take you where you need to go.

Make Art NOT WAR. War is boring.

Join Us for a Bullsh*t Q & A session on FB live Heather Bleasdell Citizen Witch – on the full moon. What shows up when you clear the crap? hahahaha. I’ll send a bullsh*t reminder before had.

No need to plant seeds. All seeds are already planted within you.
No need to push or hold back. Getting out of the way, is the way.

This or something better.
Witch OUT xx heather



Sarah Entrup. Sarah is a new friend & collaborator. She is a pro clairvoyant who rocks.  I love how she openly talks about creation & destruction together.

Pema Chodran – I have been reviewing the work of my greatest teachers, and Pema is one of them. I discovered her during a break up and her book When Things Fall Apart changed my life. I used to pass them out to all my friends. The quotes I refer to in the talk are from The Wisdom of No Escape. Another work of genius.

Marianne Williamson. Such a bad ass. I have only read Tears to Triumph but I read the sh*t out of it. She is a genius who is rocking the bridge between politics, spirituality, mutuality and love. She does fee talks every Tuesday eve. Get on her mailing list.

Emily Trinkaus. I studied from her, then taught with her in her Venus Revolution online temple. We took a group of students through the underworld with astrology, herstory, art & magic. I learned so much through her and her work answered a lot of questions for me. Plus, we were both amazed that in undergrad and graduate school we both focused on women’s studies and learned nothing about the feminine. WTF. She is part of changing that.

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