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On a Wing & a Prayer

Before I gave my Magic Talk on the Truth about Power, I called my upcoming series – Gather Power. According to years of psychic research, gathering one’s power is essential to beginning anything.

However, about an hour before I was to give the talk, I began to open the ritual – calling in the directions, our guides, benevolent ancestors, divine mother, making prayers – when something extraordinary happened.

As I turned to face center – the direction of spirit – I was astonished.

There I saw more guides and divine beings than I could count. More helpers and layers of assistance than I could begin to imagine. I saw plants and animals and creatures standing together untied. Every level of dimension, every size, shape and persuasion….guides. These guides were revved up and “ready for action” or more like waiting for action.

I was so overwhelmed by the scene, the benevolence and abundance, the undeniable truth of it… I burst into tears. There is hope. It’s not all up to us.

In seeing all the guides waiting expectantly, I was reminded of Caroline W. Casey’s Visionary Activist Principles (#3 and #4) from her hilarious and astute astrology book, Making the Gods Work for You:

  • #3 – The invisible world would like to help, but spiritual etiquette requires that we ask.
  • #4 – The only way the gods know we’re asking for help is ritual.

I could not process what I was shown before I began to deliver the talk, but something was moving through me beneath the waves.

The second strange thing that happened before the call, was the addition of an eagle feather to the altar. I had only meant to grab my seaweed rattle for leading the psychic adventure, but the eagle feather in the back also wanted to come. And of course, the feather became “the thing” that we journeyed on to reconnect the truth.

After I hung up, I was both unsettled and extremely clear – I would not be teaching Gather Power, as I had planned. I will be holding a group cauldron to work The Feather, greet our BIG GUIDES and face our deepest fears of failure… together.

Magic is best played as a team sport.  With a WING and a PRAYER, grab your feathers!

Work Together - Heather


We have more help than we know

Explore what happened. How old were you when you unhooked yourself from the Divine? Are you ready to heal the rift, cross the divide, travel between the veils? Are you ready to awaken the relationships to your deepest guides? Are you ready to receive guidance that is aligned with spirit? What would the a hook up feel like for you?

The only way to gain power in a world that is moving too fast is to learn to slow down and the only way to spread one’s influence wide is to learn to go deep. The world we want will not emerge from electronic speed but rather from a spiritual stillness that takes root in our souls. Then and only then, will we create a world that Reflects the Heart instead of shattering it. – Marianne Williamson’


Magic happens outside the comfort zone.

See with New Eyes

Tune into Your Guides

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  • Tuesdays @10:00 – 11/11:30 AM (pt) – live and by recording.
  • Live Action Meditations (60-90 min) & Live Video Art + Q & A  (60 min)
  • 3 Month Program – Sept 19th through Dec 12th (no class Nov 21)


My approach to magic is use what you’ve got & who you are with.

Basic Art Supplies
Free Choice – unlined journal, pens, crayons, pencils, glue stick, old magazines, black pens, etc.

Basic Connection
Email, internet access, phone, power and time


May you receive the perfect guide for you at this time.


New Moon Aries


Happy New Moon in Aries witches!

I wrote Moon Tips for 7 years. It started as an email to friends and family. I would research the moon, what my favorite astrologers would say, find an image, write some stuff and voilà – Moon Tip! Now, I can barely look at what other people write or make without feeling a wee bit ill…. not in a good way.

I took this as a sign that the “looking outside myself” days are done.

Where have old ways gone stale for you?
What habits of mind want to go to the grave or into the fire?

Rather than look outside for answers – approval – affirmation
Feel Inside

What is being initiated within you… regardless of ego’s preference?
Where can you give yourself more space to unfold?

Without pushing or holding back, breathe there.
Spaciousness is the doorway for massive magic.

I offered this moon tip to my email list today – some quick art.

TIP + WIZ 101

Getting into your body is the fastest way to tapping your Wiz.

  1. Say your name 3 times out loud. Call yourself in.
  2. Ask – what do I need to remember?
  3. Grab a piece of paper – draw or collage a quick image.
  4. Listen while you work. Getting out of the way, is the way!

Mine was very surprising. Aries is the baby of the zodiac and yet, the InSight Collage was filled with old women. The message that started coming through right away – Life is Precious. It felt like such a good reminder for me. I was not relating to my life in this way.


Enjoy the magic of today.

Witch OUT xx heather

Women’s March – Washington DC & Nest Project

“Love is as Love does” – bell hooks


That is me, marching with my mom Carol & her partner Michael, plus Judy and Mary from Michael’s family. The march happened on January 21, 2017 and was the largest protest in American history. Say hello to the energy of Awakening of WOMEN! (I talk more about the march on my personal FB page, and will be posting more here soon.)

I have been working on public art project with my friend, artist Debbie Baxter, since the end of last summer when she brought a human-size nest to BurningMan.


Inspired by that trip, Debbie wanted to build another nest in Brooklyn. This nest landed on a Brooklyn ROOFTOP! That was another insane, and heart-opening experience.


So, what inspired us to jump into the Nest with an American flag? The election of pussy-grabber Donald J. Trump to our highest office – President.

Read Heather’s story and what would become the Nest Project DC.


After Debbie and I jumped into the nest, we found lots of people – wanting to do something, say something, make something – to represent THEM as part of the fabric of this country. After I left Portland to return to California, Debbie continued shooting images of folks under the flag in her backyard nest.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 7.41.06 AM

Including this woman – whom we met in the vintage shop where we purchased the flag used in the images above the day after the election – thank you joni.

unnamed (1)

We flew cross-country with thousands of women to march in Washington DC!

As we joined the other marchers on Independence Avenue… we could hear Gloria Steinem’s voice over the speakers – “God may be in the details, but the Goddess is in Connections” (view Speech)

You can see the behind-the-scenes Making of the Nest on my instagram, search under the hashtag #thenestproject, or follow Debbie Baxter.

From the first nest photo being shot in Warehouse 88 in SilverSprings MD…..

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 11.31.38 AM

To the final last nest shot at the Midlands Beer Garden in DC….


We met every kind of person, had every age, size, color, orientation and combination get in the nest. We made so many PERSONAL connections and I believe THIS is what this time in our nations history is really about. Honestly, we can’t wait until you meet Chivonnie Gius (and her mom Nanci!)


People don’t change when they feel comfortable.

It’s important to remind ourselves….

Magic happens OUTSIDE our comfort zone.

Everyone is being called, great and small, to make a stand and have their voices heard and bodies counted. Humans are here for connection.

Divine Mother, Give us the strength to MAKE an effort to connect, to listen to those who may appear different than us. Help us talk to strangers, make new friends and practice love. And when we struggle, help us to practice good boundaries and timely self-care, so that we may stay centered in ourselves and the truth – that only love is real – and reach out from there. And please, with all my heart I pray… Divine Mother, help us to MAKE MORE ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the art rain upon the earth! For art births the future, calls us forward, and connects in ways beyond the mind. This or something better. And so it is. xx h

ACTIONS: Post handmade signs in your yard, hang truth off our house, join groups, show up at the marches, make your voice heard & your body seen.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.49.08 AM

Witch OUT xx heather

Heather talked about the experience making the nest, and about marching on her personal FB page here.

For more information about The Nest Project, visit Debbie’s website

Support PUBLIC ART – Buy a 2017 Nest Calendar and fund NESTS in more cities across the US.. #makeartnotwar


Artwork: all images © 2016-2017 Debbie Baxter and Heather Bleasdell. Please ask for permission before sharing photos. Thank you.

Allowing Things to End

15740884_10210138938263672_4845173851206430270_nWe do not need to shatter the patriarchy.
It is already done. It is burning right in front of our eyes.

Bow down
Stay rooted
Hold the line

Our time is now

We HOLD SPACE for new beginnings, by acknowledging their intimate connection to endings. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two.

Hold the prayer
Ride the waves
Soft & strong

Our time is Now

Standing in the truth – OUR FUTURE IS TOGETHER – we allow the old stories of separation, of lack, of competition, of power-over to rise up from within us… screaming, howling, begging our attention… but we stand firm in our knowing. Everything changes. We stand our scared ground.

Feel the pain
How the ego burns
Stand Witness
Bless & Release
Refuse to storyline

This is OUR time
Our time

New Light springs fromholdingspace
Holy Darkness
Not knowing
The void
The soil

What is awakening within you?

Feel it.
Resist assumptions
No naming…
not yet.

What is the dark good for?

Can you smell the opportunities, the richness in the rotting, the possibilities that awaken when old forms fail?

Nothing is under control.
Not for anyone.
Readiness is an illusion.

We transform the world by owning it.
Within & Without

Own our influence.
Present Forward.

Never give up, always surrender!
This or something better. And so it is.

The Solar Year New of the WHEEL OF FORTUNE has arrived.
Witch OUT (or not) xx heather


Winter Solstice Practice

“I am my ancestors wildest dream.” – Climbing Poetree

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-51-55-amThe Winter Solstice, the final exhale into our shared darkness in the western hemisphere, is Wednesday, December 21, 2016.

We empty out. We willingly lay down in our grave.

We hold space. We leave room for grace to enter.

Life is a process, not a destination or journey. The wheel turns.

To be ready for transformation… to be ready for our reBIRTH… is to stand with the energy of death.

Face the fear, the illusion, the way of being that no longer serves.
Feel it. Acknowledge it. Bless it. Allow it to move through. Resist adding to the story.

Living life is the art of letting go.

Magic, like orgasm, is the art of release.

The part of you that is screaming – stop – acknowledge this voice, this creature, this “I”, this storyboard of how life should be but isn’t yet. Bless this part of you that has been trained to fear change, distrust pussy and discount intuition. You are ready.

Sit in silence during this time. Breath yourself in from all directions – welcome home. Sit within the darkness. What do you notice? Is silence really quiet? Is darkness really dark?


  • Surrender your thinking to Divine Mother, to God, to Mystery. You perception has hit a limit. You need a bigger idea than your ego can manage. Soften.
  • Hold Space. Give your heart room to breath. Take the time to gather yourself with a breath.


Re-member life everlasting. Build altars of ever-greens, light candles, celebrate the nature of what this time of year brings forth. Collect items with your family. Cut paper snowflakes. Enjoy remembering what has gone before and the mystery of what is to come.

“When you find yourself falling, Dive.” – Joseph Campbell

Dive into the Dark

Magic happens OUTside the box

OUTside the comfort zone

OUTside the known.

Sit in silence.

Don’t push… breath.

Ride the waves.

Find your edge and see if you can SOAK in it.

The simplest truth is this – we are all made of stardust.

wintersolstice_stardust-bath-copyMy theme for 2017 is Soft. They may sound crazy when the world feels so hard, but in magic, “opposite day” rules, because it is through our wholeness, we heal ourselves. Softness heals hardness. And the mantra for 2017…

Never Give Up. Always Surrender.

Witch OUT
xx heather

Learn Magic: Books & Divination for Kids

These books aren’t necessarily “about magic”…. you won’t learn about how to create a ritual with your kids, or how to cleanse your crystals.

These books demonstrate how energy moves behind the scenes, behind the veils, within our dreams, though untamed imagination, passions and facing what scares us.

If there is anything we can “do” for a child (beyond basic love & care) it is this:

  1. protect their wild imagination at all costs
  2. feed & express our own creativity in front of our kids by making time for art, drawing, movement, sound, anything pre-language and process-based in nature.

Here is the undeniable truth –  imagination is our greatest resource. Keeping our imagination vibrant and flexible is the key to our survival.

Here is a PDF of the list.

Books for Kids under the age of 8 (except Dr. Suess)

Alice the Fairy by David Shannon
Real-life magic, bridging inside out, mental agility. While she will likely not go to fairy school, she could have a fine a profitable life as a real-life witch. David Shannon is an amazing artist and captures the raw, lively and spirit-filled energy of the human body.


Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers
A playful book that explores shadow, facing fears and acceptance.

Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin
Shamanic Journey, Power Animals, Dreaming adventure, relationships to other creatures and consciousness.


Duck on a Bike by David Shannon
Curiosity leading to new experiences. Again, David Shannon’s amazing characters will having you laughing and seeing new details every time.


Frédéric by Leo Lionni
Including imagination in the harvest. Valuing & honoring different skills and capacities within community. Fredrick collects colors and words to help the mice get through the winter. Watch it at the bottom of this page.


Oh the Places you’ll Go by Dr. Suess
A great over-view of how energy works over time


Swimmy by Leo Lionni
Together we are stronger. Despite what it may feel like, you are never alone.


The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers
New ways of seeing, shifting perspective (point of view), exploring “outside the box” energy. On thing I don’t like about this book – I believe in drawing outside the lines whenever possible.


You are Stardust by Elin Kelsey
A good explanation about what life (energy) is about, how it works and the truth about who and what we are.

Divination (Kids 8 – 12)

Children’s Spirit Animal Card by Steven D. Farmer
24 cards & guidebook – very practical, accessible and well done

Note: I have also given Doreen Virtue’s divination cards – specifically the Goddess Oracle and Fairy deck to younger children. Reading is not as important as seeing and feeling the images that call to the spirit of the person.

Full Moon in Gemini


Fuck the Plan. Your ego made that plan anyway.

The moon is GOING BIG in Gemini this Tuesday, December 13th. Usually a very social, festive energy, this year’s Gemini moon is offering us a different opportunity. She says, make friends with “the other” as if your LIFE depended on it.

Unity is not about becoming the same, it is about working together for a mutually beneficial outcome.

When sh*t in the world becomes exaggerated and unstable, the balancing energy is to re-member yourself by re-centering yourself, rather than abandon one’s self by disassociating, getting super busy or fleeing the scene.

We are entering a time of Re-Membering

Mercury (the planet of thoughts, communication, magic) is about to go retrograde 12/19 (think: standstill energy, re-view) so take the time to reflect on two things.

  • What is the Unfinished business of the late 196os?
  • What is the truth about power?

Power Comes from Within

the-lovers-tarot-of-thothIn the Tarot, the Gemini energy is encompassed in The Lovers (6) card – the art and craft of relationship; the ability to hold opposite energies, differences, loosely enough to maintain our humor, stability, sexual vibrancy and playful curiosity.  If we have lost this connection, or it feels diminished somehow, it’s a good practice to notice our be-devilment patterns – where the ego grabs us my the puss/balls.

EGO – “i” – breath constricts, contraction, flashback

Notice: what gets us, triggers us, captures us? Where are we over-sensitive, heavily storied, protective or righteous? How balanced do our personal & professional relationships really feel? Are we operating out of fear or love?  When’s the last time you whispered sweet-nothing to your own pussy?

SPIRIT – “breath” – expansion, possibility, newness

  • No hard & fast rules. Focus on an attitude of creative, problem-solving. Win-win.
  • Stabilize yourself first by clarifying your purpose & re-prioritizing humor
  • Connect. Utilize your natural (or unnatural) people skills. Reach out again. Reach out to someone new. Say good day to everyone you come across.
  • Don’t wait for fun & pleasure to find you. What are you curious about?
  • Hermit-out! Give yourself SPACE (emotional & psychological) regularly to maintain balance and humor

When we can laugh, we know we are back in our center. We reclaim our joy and our commitment to life when we let our breath return. Spirit work enacted in the real world fuels the soul like nothing else.

The egoic illusion of our separation is dying. We must summon the strength to let this illusion die within us first, to assist in our awakening to the next level of awareness our world is calling for.

The veils are indeed thin right now…. make some noise.

kaliDivine Mother, Kali MAHAHAHAH….

Hindu Goddess Kali, Kali Ma, the Crone plays a corrective force in any Dark Age. When shit has gone too far out of balance, she steps in with circumstances beyond imagining and a timely invitation to:

Confront your ego, your anger, your pain, your illusions. The portal you resist entering, is also the doorway to bliss. Hand her your blindness, your swirling thoughts, your fear of change. Feed her, Divine Mother, your prayer. As Gandhi said, a prayer is the longing of the soul.

Post prayer, notice (over 3 days) –  How is your prayer answered? Does your thinking change?

Kali is a protector who bestows liberation, but not always in the way we were planning on it. Fuck the plan. Make a prayer.

Witch OUT xx h

Join Me – Celebrity Witch – Tuesday morning 10 AM (PST) – 12/13 and 12/20/16

Be the Storm – Find Out More


American Nest Magic

We had not planned on doing a nest shoot.

I was in Portland to visit Debbie and do a silent retreat in honor of the 10th anniversary of my dad’s passing. I had not planned on the election results either.

Walking to get food, we stopped into a vintage store and I saw an American flag. My kids love American flags. They point them out every time they see them – look mom, the flag! The flag thrills them. I, however, have always felt a little confused by the flag’s power and those who worship it.

As I pick up this small flag, I realize how disconnected I feel… not only from my flag, but from my nation right now. I think… not me, THEM! I am instantly reminded of my hero Bernie Sander’s message… not me, US!

At a time when I am feeling the most confused, angst-ridden, disgusted and ashamed of my country I think to myself – now is the time to own my fucking flag. And while I am at it, to own my pain, own my past, own my privilege, own the time I did not speak up to the postal worker who made a racist remark about a latino customer behind me. Next time, I will not remain “in shock”… I will be ready. The illusion of separation is not only over-rated, it’s out-dated and dying.

I get into this nest, on this day, to remind myself that this is my country, my people and OUR WORLD. This is not only my right, it’s my responsibility. Let us pray.

Divine Mother, soft & strong,

Thank you for the enormous gift of free will, the power to make a difference in our own lives. Help us to stand our sacred ground… to be willing to change, to see, to speak, to touch and be touched. And when we struggle, remind us to make art, to be present, to breath again and make friends with a stranger. And when we doubt, remind us of the truth – that only love is real – helping us to step wholeheartedly into conscious action that creates the world we know is possible.

May all being be free of suffering and the roots of suffering. This or something better. And so it is. Witch out, Heather

Photo by Debbie Baxter 2016. More about The Nest Project also follow #thenestproject