Mission of Art & Magic


“By making art a specially precious part of life, we have demoted it from being ALL OF LIFE.” – Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist

Magic is an earth-based practice. It is an all-inclusive art form that interweaves observation and imagination with creativity in action, for the good of all and harm of none.

Magic is based in the truth that everything is made of energy and everything changes.

Magic sees humans as part of an interconnected, cycling, multi-layered web of consciousness at play and in love with itself…. and aims for integration.

Magic is not a religion or a thing, but a practice and a way.

Quite simply, magic is kung fu.

And thus, magic makers take the long-view, explore deep time.

We exist on living planet, hurtling through space. By nature and design, life as we know it is 96% Mystery. And, it is estimated that 99.9% of all earth-born species have become extinct. Ending and beginnings are part of our legacy.

Certainly, humans have played a large role in creating the souped-up, dogmatic, stressed-out circumstances we find ourselves living in today, AND we don’t play every role and we certainly don’t know everything – that is the definition of hubris. We love control.

Let us breath and relax. Let’s pledge ourselves to stay curious and maintain humor. Let us be brave and leave room for the mystery. Let us remember our magic and dream ourselves anew.

With magic, we define it. We set the intention and work to create the conditions for magic to happen. Magic wants to happen. Just like energy always follows the path of least resistance.

Let us get out of our own way and seize this incredible opportunity to express our gifts of wild imagination and directly influence the evolution of our species, for the good of all and harm of none.

Let us re-new ourselves and our spirits, by re-connecting and rejoicing in what is right about us –  our bodies, our souls – and begin to re-establish ourselves, not as directors of the universe, but as co-creators and co-caretakers of a very special planet, at a particularly ripe moment in time.

“We are all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass

As we say in magic – as above, so below, as within, so without.

Let’s get down to WIZNESS.

How do we become conscious of our power and our role?

Know Self

Every human is special, because we are each unique – iris, fingerprints, and voice – totally our own. Each human body, each cell, filled with the light.

You hold the BIGGEST PICTURE of you.

Become conscious of your unique design and be willing to use what you’ve got and who you are with. That is the definition of utilizing your personal magic. That is what it means to shine.


Embracing the broad diversity of bodies, spirits and expressions of consciousness alive at this moment is the key to unlocking our potential and freeing ourselves from the constructs of limited imagination. After all, the universe is 96% mystery by nature and design.

How do we access the mystery of who we are?

Make Art

We live in a time that has not only disassociated us from our bodies and spirits, but from our art as well.The soul is poetic, timeless, infinite. The soul speaks to us through images, through our imagination. The truth is, when we forget our art, we forget our magic.


Art is not precious, it’s presence. Art invites the magic because it travels beyond the boundaries of language and could care less about your ego. Art making has the power to drops us deep into the mystery and from there…. anything is possible.

“Art doesn’t want to be familiar. Art wants to astonish us. Or enrage us. And, above all, it wants to Move us. It does not want to accommodate us. It doesn’t want to make us comfortable. art is not a soda pop machine; you don’t press a button and get your choice of beverage. What you get from art is an EXPERIENCE, but you have to allow yourself to be part of that experience or it simply will not happen.” – Jamake Highwater, The Language of Vision

Art is an invitation into the Great Beyond. Art creates this bridge by illuminating the mystery, the unseen, the not yet conscious within. Art is in the making, not in the achieving. Art transcends the limits of language, space and time giving us unprecedented access to insider information. The truth is, every one sees and feels differently, so you hold the biggest picture of you. No one can make your art for you.

How do we begin?

With brush, pen or crayon as wand in hand, our creative channels begin to clear and open. As we dare to soften our critical thoughts and fears of judgment in favor of curiosity and adventure, new sensations and awarenesses emerge.

ART is the opposite of boring and very attractive to young self – the part of us that knows how to make something from no-thing, to see fresh possibilities, and the beauty of the day. Art is high adventure for those ready to obey the muse.

To un-quote John F. Kennedy, Ask not what your brush can do for you, but what you can do for your BRUSH!

We must willing re-open the door to our art making, to fear facing, to intuition and dreaming forward to become a grounded channel for big vision to pour through our bodies and into the real-world. This willingness to collaborate with the mystery is the key to initiating new realities and expanding pathways that feel inclusive for all people, creatures and creations of Earth.

Presence is a practice and true creation comes not from what is automatic or habitual, but from listening and responding wholeheartedly to what is arising in the present moment. With no agenda but to journey through the inner-most landscape, we learn to embrace both witness and fool, to make room for The Woof.

We all crawled out of the same soup. It is time to act in aligned and learn how to communicate without shame or blame. Peace on earth is possible today.

What Now?

Make a choice to rule your realm – to unearth your natural desire and develop a direct and loving relationship with your time-based body & infinite fking soul.


The path to unfolding a future in right-relationship with you is to create from peace. Peace within, peace without, peace on earth.

You, in all your banana-like glory are part of the awakening – say yes. Say yes out your mouth. Say yes out your fingers. Say yes to your world.

Choose self-care. Choose growth. Choose now. Choose peace.

Thank you for your time and attention.
May you say YES to your art and magic -Bananas United!

Blessings to your unlimited unfolding.
Witch OUT xx Heather


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