2018 Energy Report

2017 ReView

First a word about 2017: I appreciate all the dirt coming to the surface – into the light – inviting us into the truth. This is essential for our awakening.

The spell of patriarchy (a system of thought that values power-over) is cracking. I say let it. Let it. Let it breakdown. Break off. Break free. Break through. In magic, and in everything else, ending and beginnings roll together.

2018  PreView

2018 is not going to get magically better. In fact, it’s going to get worse. So, breathing, softening your belly, your face, and coming back into your body will be a MUST practice this year. (Seriously, take a breath and move your body. This is your new religion.)

We can brace ourselves or embrace our ourselves!

Learn how to create center within yourself, within the chaos. The patriarchal world-culture  is falling apart. This is what is for dinner, for everyone. Remember, patriarchy is a system of thinking, it effects everyone, regardless of gender. This will take some time – real time. So settle in.

The best way to face our fears of pain & change are to approach them directly with compassion & creativity. The underworld is both personal, and universal. Rooting ourselves in the truth – that power comes from within and only love is real – will go farther faster than perpetuating the myth of us versus them.

The truth is, a more inclusive way of life is being born. Let us start by embracing ourselves.

The Bigger Energies

Strength & Lust 2018

In Magicland, the soul of the solar year 2018 brings us the magic of 11 Strength & Lust* in the system of Tarot. We are coming into relationship with our strength, passion, and luster. We are taming the beast, surrendering to our creativity, facing the fears around desire and allowing our light to shine more brightly.

This year is not the year to hold back or avoid reality, but to embrace it. Trust your intuition, say yes to passion and dare to express the fullness of your creativity and light. This is the year to creatively go for it.

It is the energy of Beauty & the Beast, but instead of a beast, it is the beast you hide within yourself. But what if, what is wild about you, what is weird about you, what ever “that thing” is about you… is really your wealth in disguise?

What would be possible if you chose to be loyal to your self… body and soul?

Year of the Earth Dog

This lunar year (Feb 16th) is the Year of Earth Dog, or Mountain Dog. Say hello to loyalty, quality communication, universal values, sisterhood/brotherhood, sensitivity, truth and justice . This is a good time for a lifestyle changes, upgrading systems and starting new business ventures that prioritize honesty and fairness in their dealings.


  • Identify your long term values. What is the bigger vision? What does that vision feel like and how can I live it now? This is your sacred ground.
  • Walk like a Priestess. One step in front of the other. Allowing the path to unfold, while listening close to the earth.
  • Create from Intention with body + soul. Learn how.

I asked for some Advice for 2018 from a Pine Tree stump in Bear Valley, California. She said:

Root Yourself Deeply

I also recorded this message from the Granite in Bear Valley on the final day of 2017. You can listen to it below.

      1. Granite Hill Bear Valley 2017


TIPS for Rooting Yourself Deeply in 2018

  • Breathe – Every chance you get. Now.
  • Make Space for grace – Clean/empty altars, yoga, meditate, go into nature
  • Tend Soil – Schedule Self Care, healing, body movement
  • Practice Silence – 10 + minutes each day or once a week
  • Listen Inside/Out – soften, focus on understanding
  • Embrace Yourself – Soften to what is and where you are, right now.
  • Strengthen Containers – Update structures of support to face fears & desires.
  • Creative Outlets – Diversify your practice. Balance requires movement & newness.

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