Learn Magic: Books & Divination for Kids

These books aren’t necessarily “about magic”…. you won’t learn about how to create a ritual with your kids, or how to cleanse your crystals.

These books demonstrate how energy moves behind the scenes, behind the veils, within our dreams, though untamed imagination, passions and facing what scares us.

If there is anything we can “do” for a child (beyond basic love & care) it is this:

  1. protect their wild imagination at all costs
  2. feed & express our own creativity in front of our kids by making time for art, drawing, movement, sound, anything pre-language and process-based in nature.

Here is the undeniable truth –  imagination is our greatest resource. Keeping our imagination vibrant and flexible is the key to our survival.

Here is a PDF of the list.

Books for Kids under the age of 8 (except Dr. Suess)

Alice the Fairy by David Shannon
Real-life magic, bridging inside out, mental agility. While she will likely not go to fairy school, she could have a fine a profitable life as a real-life witch. David Shannon is an amazing artist and captures the raw, lively and spirit-filled energy of the human body.


Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers
A playful book that explores shadow, facing fears and acceptance.

Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin
Shamanic Journey, Power Animals, Dreaming adventure, relationships to other creatures and consciousness.


Duck on a Bike by David Shannon
Curiosity leading to new experiences. Again, David Shannon’s amazing characters will having you laughing and seeing new details every time.


Frédéric by Leo Lionni
Including imagination in the harvest. Valuing & honoring different skills and capacities within community. Fredrick collects colors and words to help the mice get through the winter. Watch it at the bottom of this page.


Oh the Places you’ll Go by Dr. Suess
A great over-view of how energy works over time


Swimmy by Leo Lionni
Together we are stronger. Despite what it may feel like, you are never alone.


The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers
New ways of seeing, shifting perspective (point of view), exploring “outside the box” energy. On thing I don’t like about this book – I believe in drawing outside the lines whenever possible.


You are Stardust by Elin Kelsey
A good explanation about what life (energy) is about, how it works and the truth about who and what we are.

Divination (Kids 8 – 12)

Children’s Spirit Animal Card by Steven D. Farmer
24 cards & guidebook – very practical, accessible and well done

Note: I have also given Doreen Virtue’s divination cards – specifically the Goddess Oracle and Fairy deck to younger children. Reading is not as important as seeing and feeling the images that call to the spirit of the person.

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Heather Sullivan Bleasdell, MA, is a passionate witch, artist, mother & teacher living in Northern California. Currently, she works one-on-one with clients as a professional psychic and teaches online classes that combine art, magic & seership to increase potency, ownership & visibility.

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