Stuck Sucks – How to Move Energy

antonio-mora-collage-photography-1When we are mentally looping on something or repeating a pattern that feels self-sabotaging or self-hating, we may be stuck in a “small frame” of mind. As the Buddha said, all of life is suffering. And, suffering originates in the mind.

When we are stuck or unclear, it is a call to enter into healing.

From the perspective of magic, form reflects underlying energy flows. Rather than minimize or push away the uncomfortable feelings, chose to soften your story about “what happened” and move towards your own big feelings, hurt feelings, scary feelings… into your own unresolved pain.

Healing can only happen when we acknowledge pains presence, agree to discover it’s sources, and go THROUGH the process of releasing our pain by FEELING it.


Take a step back. Begin self-inquiry. Write quickly.

  • What does this “situation” remind me of?
  • What is the challenge being presented?
  • What is the opportunity?
  • How do I feel about what is showing up? How do I want to feel?

Now, answer the questions above using your non-dominant hand to write. Go slowly enough to make words. Pay attention to your body as you write. The info from this side of the field is never different, and much closer to source energy.

What is showing up, is showing you.


Once you have more consciousness about the deeper picture, it’s time to move energy. There is no such thing as getting rid of energy, but you can shift, change, recycle, upgrade, re-vibrate energy. Remember, healing happens in layers and there is NO FINISH LINE (Receive: Magic Talk #1).

In order to heal yourself, you must be willing to move THROUGH the layer of energy that is showing up in the present with compassion & curiosity. What we resist, persists.

Here are 4 simple ways to move through the energy while also opening up creative channels to increase the experience of flow and connection with our generous Universe.

  1. Visualize going towards it. What shows up. Work through this in your meditation. Use color separation, feel feelings, transmute energy. See yourself in the center of your own aura. Claim your 3 feet.
  2. Draw it out get a piece a paper and free draw/doodle. Draw out the situation with voice bubbles – have the people talk to each other. Notice what shows up. Then, draw how you want to feel.
  3. Lay it down call in a bigger energy (god/dess, divine, creator) to assist you in shifting your thinking. Imagine “laying it down” on the altar in the sky or in your home or garden. Pray (out loud) for the divine to shift you from fear to love.
  4. Obey the Muse what intuitive hit have your refused? Whether it is making an appointment with a counselor, signing up for a dance class, picking up your Ukulele or calling a certain friend – do it. This tells the Divine you are listening and more signs will appear.


In magic, words have a huge amount of power and influence. Having internalized patriarchal culture, we must be extra sensitive with how we tend our energy and words with our sisters and selves.

Resist the temptation to over-process or gossip about other folks with your friends. Processing your feelings with 1 – 2 people who you trust is great (partners don’t count – talk away!) but when you move beyond that and find yourself repeating “your story” to 3 – 5 people or anyone who will listen you are most likely not doing your work.

Check IN
Ask yourself honestly: Am I dumping or allowing others to dump on me? Am I looking for agreement, being right or making others wrong? Am I feeling my feelings or am I talking about feelings? Self-care is a radical act for women – be radical.

Do you need more support?

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You can also do some psychic weeding with Heather to Release the Bullshit from your field.


Resources & Recommendations
Astrology and the rising of Kundalini by Barbara Hand Clow

Head Collage by Antonio Mora, Graphic of Woman with Psychic Pussy by Heather

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Heather Sullivan Bleasdell, MA, is a passionate witch, artist, mother & teacher living in Northern California. Currently, she works one-on-one with clients as a professional psychic and teaches online classes that combine art, magic & seership to increase potency, ownership & visibility.

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