Welcome Soul-led Sisters & Brothers

Thank you for stopping by. I am honored to see you again.

May theses pages be of service to you.
May they remind you of who you really are.
May they give you strength to face your fears.
May they offer courage to express your fullest shine.

This or something better. And so it is.
Witch OUT xx heather

2018 Energy Report

Year of Surrender
Read the Full Report

  • Identify your long term values. What is the bigger vision? What does that vision feel like and how can I live it now? This is your sacred ground.
  • Walk like a Priestess. One step in front of the other. Allowing the path to unfold, while listening close to the earth. Practice Silence.
  • Create Intentionally, aligned with body + soul. Learn how.

 The Citizen Witch Project

Never Give Up • Always Surrender


“Justice is what Love looks like in public.” – Cornel West

As Citizen Witches, we own our power to transform the world – from a world that worships the wallet to a world that reflects the heart.

Our will to become the world we want to live in will take courage, intuitive know-how and incredible strength to give birth to vision.

“Work is to make love visible.”  – Kahil Gibran

We came to Earth… for a body.
Our purpose is to shine.

Please join us for free magic talks, process-based art workshops and transformational rituals and retreats. Making magic is fun. You will be delighted and inspired, as you face fears & desires, as you gather power in ways both wild and strangely familiar, as you come face to face with how you really are.

Let us remember together, honoring the mystery, the seasons within and without, brothers and sisters, the seen and the unseen… equally, with both passion and humor. This is our time, our planet, our bodies, our imaginations. Let’s own our shit and create something God-damn terrific. For the good of all and harm of none. This or something better.

About Heather

If you want to make magic, you better get familiar with Pussy.

Heather Bleasdell MA is an interdisciplinary artist and professional psychic who explores power through art, pussy, spirituality and culture. Heather is a longtime practicing witch who developed the FearLess Journal™ process to teach real-life magic, seership and sign reading through process-based art, ritual and psychic development.

Heather received her MA in Interdisciplinary Art from San Francisco State University and BA in English Literature from UCSB. She is very important and has read many leather-bound books. Heather goofs off in Petaluma, California with her family of wild, creative bananas.When they’re not home, they are in the mountains where Heather grew up.

*The Tarot Book by Angeles Arrien (10 The Wheel of Fortune)

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