New Offering Fall 2017

4 Month Cauldron with Heather Bleasdell Citizen Witch

Psychic adventure meditation, process-based art making and learning to read the signs. Deepen the connection to your unique Guidance System, turning vision into real-life action. Be Amazed. Magic is weird but it works.

In German, the word witch comes from the world hexe, meaning a person who lives on the hedge – on the edge of town – living close to nature.  Bridging between the wild and the tame, the seen and the unseen. Shamans too, live on the edge…. and artists, and rebels, poets, wild-women, travelers, healers, pioneers, leaders and bad asses. Magic, by nature and design, happens OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE. Let’s be edgy together!

BONUS if you sign up by August 29th – a private Soul Explorer psychic reading with Heather.

Guide School

We have more help than we can see with our eyeballs!

There was a time when you were fully open and aligned with Divine Source energy. A time when your relationship with your guides was fluent, natural and reliable. What happened to that hook up? What would it feel to heal the dis-connect and fully engage with Source?

  • Explore & expand your unique connection to SOURCE energy
  • Re-Awaken relationships with your deepest guides – now
  • Distinguish between the ego and true guidance
  • Receive guidance aligned with spirit, mind AND body
  • Begin to heal the rift between you and god/dess

GuideBook & WorkBook included.

Side Effects may include: feeling more deeply connected the truth, in-spired art making, sharpening psychic skill set, seeing more bigger, synchronistic expansion & magical sisterhood.


We will also work with our resistance to receiving help.


When it’s time to connect, it’s time to take a step. Guides are here to help us grow big enough to hold space for the BIG DREAM to channel through us….. if we let them.

Full MOON_guides

On a Wing & a Prayer

Read More about the Inspiration

  • 6 Live Action Meditation (60 – 90 min) – live phone & recorded
  • 6 Live Practical: Q & A / Process-based Art (60 min) – live video & recorded
  • Day & Time: 3 Tuesdays/month @10:00 – 11/11:30 AM (pt)
  • Need: Basic art supplies, Facebook Account, internet & phone connection.

4 Month Cauldron

Begins September 19 – January 16, 2017
(no class over holidays / Nov. 21, Dec 19 – Jan 2)


Investment $765
Payment Plan Available (below)

*** BONUS Early Bird Special *** through AUGUST 29, 2017
If purchased by August 29th, you will receive a private 60 minute psychic reading with Heather ($225 Value). Good through January 2018.


Payment Plan – $800

Meet Guides
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $200.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 3) $200.00 USD
Total $800.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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GUIDES ARE STANDING BY – You never know who will show up. SAY YESguides_r_standing_by

If not now, when?


xx heather


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