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And as of the US election of 2016, everything you CAN NOT imagine is also real. The Answer is always both.

Please join be for the final workshop of the Fall Magic Talk Series – Respect the Unexpected. The third talk is on… ahahahahahhah. No cost.

Pussy & Patriarchy

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Fall Magic 2016

Beginning in December, it’s Time for Review. Below you can read more about the energy and themes we were questing this past fall. Take a moment to reflect on what happened in your life, what challenges you faced, what blessing you received and express gratitude.

I’ll go first –

I am grateful for a trip I made to Tahoe, solo with my 2 girls. We had the courage to change planes, stay an extra day and visit a hot spring with some new friends. 

The Fall officially began with the second Harvest Festival on the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

In 2016, the Fall Equinox arrived on Thursday, Sept. 22

Fall Energy
As the sun wanes and the leaves return to the soil, the wheel turns again inviting us to re-view what is “balance” for us and if we are ready to make choices that align with our spirit or with our ego.

Twice a year, we get to experience a day that brings equal parts sunlight and darkness. For our Celtic ancestors, the fall equinox was time to reflect on the past season and celebrate nature’s bounty, as well as acknowledge that all things on the material plane come to an end and what is born, will eventually fall away.


Fall Magic
Harvesting Truth, Releasing Illusion

From the perspective of magic, Fall’s energy invites us to TEND the Truth – and let the rest fall away. We express gratitude for what we are receiving and give thanks to that which is dead or ready for recycling.

Ask Yourself:

  • Am I creating from ego or from spirit?
  • Am I communicating from love or from fear?
  • Am I in alignment with my pussy or my patriarchal conditioning?

Need more Support? You are not alone. Join us for the free Magic Talk series or listen to the recordings and join us in 2017…. or on social media – see sidebar.

Fall MAGIC TALK series

“Enlightenment isn’t a learning, but an UNlearning.” – Marianne Williamson

I have long wanted to offer “the voice of reason” in a world that is gone increasingly mad, but doesn’t seem to be aware of it. Please join me on/near the New Moon to explore what is happening below the surface.


Join us for a new, free Magic Talk series this fall – Respect the UNexpected. Connect to the most current energy flows through the art of psychic adventure with Heather Bleasdell. Rookies welcome. Please bring a journal & share with a friend.

  • Spirit & Ego: Friday, Sept 30 @ 10 AM (pst) – New Moon Libra – recorded
  • Love & Fear: Tuesday, October 25 @ 10 AM (pst) – New moon Scorpio
  • Pussy & Patriarchy: Friday, December 2 @ 10 AM (pst) – New Moon Sagittarius

In these 60 minute calls we will be clearing the crap, resetting our energy field, and amplifying our spirit-based intention.

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Winter is Coming 2016 – Psychic Readings


The Storm Sessions

Priave Psychic Readings & Mentoring with Heather
Donation of $50 from each new client will be donated to support Standing Rock.

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When shit goes down, witches go UP.

When you have a chance to level up….



Tears to Triumph by Marianne Williamson

Images: Marquee @ Burning Man 2016 (Artist Unknown) photo: Heather Bleasdell, Dancing in Woods (unknown), Brooklyn Nest photo: Heather Bleasdell, Heather Hobby @ Burningman 2016 photo Sirena Masket, Breakthrough sculpture (Artist Unknown), Broom levitation (Artist Unknown). If you know the unknown artists, please let us know. Thanks

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