New Offering Fall 2017

The New Frontier is Within
Dare to Explore the World Behind Your Eyes

The healing instrument within you is not the mind, but the Soul… and the Soul speaks in images.

Join me for a 4 Month exploration of the soul through art, magic and psychic development.

As Marianne Williamson likes to say – We are the lamps through which god shines. Learn how to Plug in the Lamp; then, how to turn up the light.

“The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” – Carolyn Myss

4 Month Art & Magic Cauldron
October 3, 2017 – January 16, 2018

Most people are aware of the guides, teachers and helpers that show up in waking life but what about the guides, beings, ancestors and helpers that show up in our inner world through sudden insights, dreams, creative practice and spiritual development?

As Carolyn Casey says in Making the Gods Work for YouThe invisible world would like to help, but spiritual etiquette requires that we ask AND the only way the gods know we’re asking for help is ritual.

The purpose of ritual is to connect with one’s own soul. To confront one’s destiny, however difficult or uncomfortable it may seem, in order to live fully present & expressed, aligned with purpose and passion.

Nurturing your relationship with your guides through conscious and consistent ritual & art practice, increases one’s connection to source, love, sovereignty & personal power.

A healthy relationship with your guides can:

  • increase clarity & over-all sense of well being
  • deepen understanding of personal & collective patterns
  • liberate creative energy & spiritual power
  • relax the nervous system & become more naturally present
  • decrease loneliness, hopelessness, doubt and despair
  • expand your gift set & deepen connection to life purpose

Magic happens outside the comfort zone – it is true – but guides are here to “hold your hand.”

Together we will practice connecting with our guides & guidance system through psychic adventure meditation, intuitive development, process-based art making and sign reading.

Free Guided Experience for the Fall Equinox – Lost & Found  – Friday, Sept 22 @ 6 AM – 7:20 AM (pt), live and recorded – Sign UP

This will be a psychic adventure meditation & mini-workshop lead by Heather to introduced the new offering Guided. In this exploration you will learn:

  • How to contact your Soul
  • What interferes with your connection to Source energy
  • The 3 most important things to know about Receiving

If you know you would like to join us for the 4 month Cauldron, sign up below.

BONUS  If you sign up by end of day Monday, Sept 25th – you will be entered into a drawing for a private Soul Explorer psychic reading with Heather – $225 value.


We have more help than we can see with our eyeballs!

There was a time when you were fully open and aligned with Divine Source energy. A time when your relationship with your art and guides was fluent, natural and reliable. Your Guidance System is unique to you.

What would it feel to heal this dis-connection and fully engage with Source?

  • Expand your unique connection to SOURCE energy
  • Awaken relationships with your deepest guides – now
  • Work through resistance with sustainable, creative practices
  • Learn to distinguish between ego and true guidance
  • Increase receptivity to guidance aligned with spirit, mind AND body
  • Upgrade outcomes
  • Make a shit ton of art and love it

GuideBook & WorkBook included. (Download)

Side Effects may include: feeling more deeply connected the truth, in-spired art making, sharpening psychic skill set, seeing more bigger, synchronistic expansion & magical sisterhood. Turn vision into real-life action and be amazed.


When it’s time to connect, it’s time to take a step. Guides are here to help us grow enough spaciousness for the BIG DREAM to channel through. Make SPACE for GRACE.

On A Wing & A Prayer

  • 6 Live Action Meditation (60 – 90 min) – live phone & recorded
  • 6 Live Practical: Q & A / Process-based Art (60 min) – live video & recorded
  • Day & Time: Tuesdays @10:00 – 11/11:30 AM (pt)
  • Need: Large Unlined Journal (minimum 8 x 11), basic art supplies, Facebook Account, internet & phone connection.

4 Month Cauldron

Begins October 3 – January 16, 2017
(no class:  Nov. 21, Dec 19 – Jan 2)


Investment $765
Payment Plan Available (below)

*** BONUS Early Bird Special *** through SEPTEMBER 15th
If purchased by Monday, Sept 25th, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a private 60 minute psychic reading with Heather ($225 Value). Good through January 2018.


Payment Plan – $800

Meet Guides
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Total $800.00 USD
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If not now, when?


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